Disciple Bible Study

Disciple LogoDisciple Bible Study Classes Forming Now for Fall 2017

We offer Disciple Bible Studies to help members grow in their faith. Designed by leading scholars, these 34 week small group transformational experience will have you reading the Bible 6 days a week and discussing it in the context of prayer and fellowship for 2 hours. The study incorporates daily readings, reflection questions, weekly group meetings for discussion, and weekly video presentations.

Join over 1.5 million people who have taken Disciple Bible Study. Be challenged, read through the Bible with deeper understanding, and develop a closer relationship with God and others.

Disciple Bible Study is a wonderful gift of the United Methodist Church to the world.  Listen to the testimonies we found on Amazon concerning Disciple…

-“Most life changing endeavor I have undertaken and a good way to build strong relationships and read the Bible.”

-“This is an awesome study manual. It helps you to break down the word of God so that the revelation of what God is saying to you comes though perfectly.”

-“The Disciple series of books guides you through the Bible in an organized way. No more opening to Genesis and trying to get through all the “begats”. Daily disciplined reading and weekly sharing with a friend, teacher or group gives the opportunity to read and then discuss the material and really understand it. This is not indoctrination or dogma but a look at the Old Testament and New Testament by topics such as Suffering, Hope, Love, Deliverance and Atonement.”

If you are new to the Disciple program, you will need to begin with the Disciple I. If you have completed Disciple I you are eligible to participate in either Disciple II or Disciple III in any order.

Fall 2017 Disciple Classes are forming now:

Disciple I is a survey of the entire Bible. Disciple III delves more deeply into the words of the prophets and the letters of Paul. Both studies are designed to transform your life and deeply enrich your faith.

This year we will also offer a class at Bellingham Retirement Community!

Disciple I: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study 
Wednesday evenings 7 pm in Room 6 beginning September 13

Disciple III:  Remember Who You Are – 
Wednesday evenings at 7 pm in Room 208 beginning September 13
Thursdays at 12 noon in the Chapel beginning September 6 

Contact Rev. Molly Dee Rounsley or the church office at 610-692-5190 for more information.